DdPp MaRcH mAdNeSsSsss!!!

It’s that time again! ….time to get ya’ groove on 🙂 Join us at Cafe Bella for some MaRCh MaDNeSs dance action on Thursday, Mar. 3rd from 8-9pm.

As always; no boys, no bars, no judgement. $2-5 suggested dontation goes to Cafe Bella for letting us get ridiculous.

Beats this month provided by none other than DJ MOesha herself. (psssst…it’s also a BIG birthday for her this month, so be sure to wish her your best)



This edition of DDPP was brought to you by democracy.

So. A choice of four themed playlists (8th Grade Dance, Old Timey, Good Timey!, Magnificent Mashups, Mostly Motown) and five choices, the fifth choice being All Mixxxxed Up. The people have spoken, and the playlist was random selections from each playlist. OR SO SHE THOUGHT.

What actually happened is that the new space has thick concrete walls…too thick to connect to the internet and website upon which she had stored this playlist. DRAT. So, after a quick scurry to grab random, danceable songs from her itunes, a good time was STILL had, despite the technical snafuu. She is so proud of her intended playlist, however, that here it is anyway!

  • Seven Nation Army // Ben L’oncle Soul
  • Like This // Girl Talk
  • Stanky Get Funky // Billy Davis
  • Work It Out/Do You Love Me // The Contours vs. Beyonce
  • KIDS // MGMT
  • Get Up Offa That Thing // James Brown
  • Hands In The Air // Girl Talk
  • Jaan Pehechaan Ho //
  • Higher Ground // Stevie Wonder
  • Crazy // Ben L’Oncle Soul
  • Can You Jerk Like Me // The Contours
  • Jump On It // Sir Mixalot
  • Dancing Machine // Jackson 5
  • The Beatles vs. LCD Soundsystem vs. The Kinks
  • Too Many Fish In The Sea // The Marvelettes
  • Sex Machine Kiss // Prince vs. James Brown
  • Another One Bites The Funk // Queen vs. Daft Punk
  • The Last of the Secret Agents // Nancy Sinatra
  • Cheekyboy mashup // Will Smith vs. The Bee Gees

this really is the best mashup ever:

Old Timey, Good Timey!


DJ 3177 is spinnin’ the jams. Be there. Or be square. Or both.

DDPP wishes you Christmas cheer, if you want it!

DDPP November recap!

There is really only one thing I can say about DDPP November: GLOWSTICKS

(You can probably imagine what happened next)

In addition to the sheer awesomeness of Thea’s glowsticks and fabulous bootyshakin’ playlist, it was also our first time in the new space (well, new to us!).  Cafe Bella is expanding, and recently acquired the storefront (a former grocery store) next door to the cafe/Creative Space. It’s a big, empty, blank slate at the moment, which means it’s absolutely perfect for dancing! We’re certainly stoked for the extra room!

But for now? We dance!

DDPP Playlist: November 2010


  • Animal // Neon Trees
  • Around the World // Daft Punk
  • Dance, Dance, Dance // Lykke Li
  • Day ‘n Night // Kid Cudi vs. Crookers
  • Good Girls Go Bad // Cobra Starship
  • Good Ol’ Fashioned Nightmare // Matt & Kim
  • here it goes again // ok go
  • I Know What I Am // Band of Skulls
  • I Wanna Rock // Twisted Sister
  • Kickstarts // Example
  • Like This // Girl Talk
  • Miss Teen Wordpower // The New Pornographers
  • Music is My Hot Sex // CSS
  • My Drive Thru // Santogold & Julian Casablancas & Pharell
  • Oh Missy // Woolfy
  • The Power of Love // Huey Lewis & The News
  • The Reeling // Passion Pit
  • Riot Radio // The Dead 60s
  • Sad Sad City // Ghostland Observatory
  • So Sexual // The Faint
  • Taper Jean Girl // Kings of Leon
  • Thriller // Michael Jackson
  • We No Speak Americano // Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP
  • Where’s Your Head At // Basement Jaxx

Join us December 2nd at 8pm for DJ Grammar’s set


Recap: DDPP Columbus, October 7th!!!

Thanks to all the awesomeness the ladies brought with them this month we had a rockin’ crowd of about 25 ladies shimmying, shaking, and gettin’ down.  Grand times for sure.  Spins for October were brought by none other than den mother, DJ Flash Gordon- who even had a couple of set-list mix cds for those who wanted to continue the party at home!

1. Michael Jackson-Black or White

2. FatboySlim- It’s a wonderful night

3. The Roots- The Seed 2.0

4. Ida Maria- I like you so much better when you’re naked

5. The Human League- Don’t you want me baby

6. Ween- VooDoo Lady

7. Arctic Monkeys- I bet that you look good on the dancefloor

8. Florence and the Machine- Dog Days are over

9. The Cool Crooners- Umam’uyakalaha

10. Basement Jaxx- Do your thing

11. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones- Let’s face it

12. Men without hats- Safety Dance

13. Michael Franti and Spearhead- Hello Bonjour

14. Oingo Boingo- Dead man’s party

15. Paul Simon- Me and Julio down by the Schoolyard

16. Huey Lewis and The News- Hip to be Square

17. Harry Belafonte- Day O

Next DDPP is scheduled for Thursday, November 4th in Cafe Bella’s Creative Space. As always, 8pm.  The winner of Rock-Paper-Scissors for October, and therefore your most-awesome DJ for the upcoming session is Lea. DJ name TBD.

“If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good” -Dr. Seuss

Hey check out our DDPP Flyer!

Thanks Bill Fioritto!

DDPP Recap: September 2nd!

If there is one thing loyal fans of DDPP are more loyal to, it’s Ohio State Football. Our last DDPP fell smack dab in the middle of the first OSU game of the season (college football on a Thursday? wtf?). Our numbers were slim, but we had a great time! Also, we had to kick out our first man-child who had too much football to drink.

DJ EVE OF DESTRUCTION provided us with a super-slammin’ set of great tunes. EVEofD is far from ordinary, so we knew we were in for a treat!

DDPP Volume 3 (dj eve of destruction)

Drinking Dirty Water- Lucky Dragons
Women of the World- Yacht
Airwalker- Jeremy Jay
Hock It (YACHT Remix, Featuring Claire L. Evans)- The Blow
Sock It To ‘Em Soul Brother- Bill Moss
A Go Go- Dara Puspita
Valleri- The Monkees
Fire/Sign- The Gossip
Soal Asmara (About Love)- Dara Puspita
Un Éléphant Me Regarde- Antoine
Contort Yourself (August Darnell remix)- James White & the Blacks
Les Filles C’est Fait..- Charlotte Leslie
I Can’t Take It- Ronnie Tayor
It’s Coming to Get You- Yacht
That’s the Ticket (Instrumental)- Bird and Flower
In The Words of the Governor- Sufjan Stevens
Tropycal- Hooliganship
Ivy Girl- Lucky Dragons
Goose & Gander- Proper Nouns
Du Og Meg- Of Montreal
I Felt Like Smashing My Head Through A Clear Glass Window- Of Montreal
Goodnight Train- Lullatone

Super-stoked about DDPP October!

Next up: DDPP October Edition

The next Dance Dance Party Party is THURSDAY (like always), OCTOBER 7th, @8pm. That’s the seventh of October. Are you excited? We’re excited!

What’s even better is that there is no OSU game on this night! Horrayyy!!!

If you do that facebook thing, you can RSVP and share the event here.

ALSO! We’re gettin’ some fancy posters made, and need folks to spread ’em. You heard me! We’ll have stacks of them at DDPP October, so put them up at work, at your favorite coffee shop, in your dormitory, your front door, wherever!

And always remember, DDPP LOVES YOU!